Expressing individual style since 1979

The company “Anagnostou Tailors” is a complete and contemporary Greek vertical manufacturing unit which produces high quality men’s clothing.

It has been active in the apparel industry in Greece since 1979 under the label “Viotechnia Anagnostou” and in 2003 the second generation of the family took over, with a new label “Anagnostou Tailors”.

Our philosophy and practices focus on producing outstanding garments for all needs and on providing excellent service to our clients. We have top-notch experience and expertise in the manufacturing of excellent quality clothing, ranging style-wise from classical-timeless to modern-contemporary.

Our infrastructure includes large working spaces, experienced technical staff, state-of-the-art technological equipment and integration of all production stages into a professionally organized work environment.


Operations Manager

“Anagnostou Tailors” stands out because it provides high-standard services, focused on the needs and expectations of our clients. Our goal is the excellent production and service and the strengthening of your co-operation with your own customers.


Personal client needs analysis and proposal submission
Digital Pattern Design - Digital Printing
State-of-the-art fabric cutting facility
Thermal fabric bonding
Complete sewing process
Final ironing in well-organized ironing
Quality control of the delivered final product
Professional packaging
Delivery service at our client's site